The PMB progetti s.r.l. is an Engineering Company established in 2006 by Engineers who worked for years in the field. The Company operates in the Civil Engineering, structural, geotechnical and plant design. It is certified from 2009 in accordance with the Requirements of UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 (AJA-UKAS certificate No. AJAEU/10/12281 22/12/2010 - Design of Civil and Industrial works).

It also carries out consultancy services, staff training and office support to Engineering Companies and Construction Companies in the management of its assets to Italian and foreign orders.

He has great design experience in the following sectors:

  • Architectural Design (residential and industrial building)
  • Projects and Calculations (simple and complex structures, containment walls, sheet piles, tie rods, piles, road works, environmental works, etc..) made of reinforced concrete, steel, masonry and wood. Architectural design and System Design of Industrial and Residential  building (public and private building)
  • Processing Specifications, Technical Specifications and Calculation Reports for work with Italian regulations or Eurocodes and with other international standards (English: BS, American: ACI, AISC, etc. ...; French: CCBA68, etc. ...; Russian: SNIP, GOST, etc...)
  • Geotechnical on-site investigation and laboratory tests with the currying out of geological - Geotechnical reports and project of Geotechnical Works
  • Gas and Water Distribution networks and detailed Design
  • Water Treatment Systems and sewage systems project
  • Public Lighting Systems Projects
  • Topographic Survey subsequent processing and restitution
  • Production of drawings of any type and size, two-dimensional and three-dimensional, with use of CAD Systems (systems plans, architectural and structural design constructive details)